Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Lisa Sarsfield said...

Lisa loves this, Lisa loves this not, Lisa loves this...

Joanne Gover Yoshida said...

Good to see you back.
Some lovely blues and black.
A bar code is no match
for the powerful gusts of nature's wind.

(is it really a barcode? I think not, but it had that feeling, of natures power laid over a human-made pattern or symbol)

Bev said...

Delightful work. I am loving this!

Beverley Westwood is a special place, and a special place for me, as my son was born in the cottage hospital just next to this park and these are the sorts of views I could see from my window.

You have caught the feeling of open space with the little lone bushes, but it also has woodland surrounding it and this piece gives an impression of some of the trees in the little pieces of woodland surrounding it, one of which we walked round the other day.

John said...

Joanne, look here for bar codes:


Bev, your pictures are delightful, thanks for lkwettign me borrow.

Lisa, you are so talented and good natured. Tell the kids there is no Santa.

Frances said...

inside looking out and outside looking in. Breezy and open dark and light. Real depth and distance in this. LOVELY

The Artful Eye said...

Strong piece of work. Lovely color and composition. Reminds me of a wintry landscape scene.