Monday, December 8, 2008



More than twelve years ago Marie and I saw a flock of about thirty flamingos in the Everglades - we had to walk two miles on a shady damp dirt road flanked by salt water canals and endlessly hounded by thousands of mosquitoes and in the end there were all these wild flamingos from the Caribbean - wading and eating and a few flying.


Anonymous said...

Wow:) Way cool!

jgy said...

Layering and movement.
And to think, there is really a bird that pink.

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

It looks like somebody's needlepoint came to an end and was all unraveled. Did she hurt herself with the scissors?

It makes for very interesting images, though, and the story about the flamingos makes it all the more fascinating. So totally different than what I thought it was at first.

I have never seen a flamingo in the wild. Just the washed up version in the zoo and I'm sure there is no comparison as to the color.

Frances said...

Yay! pinky lovelies
not so sure about the blood dripping down though - Are you going into a Doig phase? Friday the 13th? hah! - no it looks too Japanese and light to be that.

among found objects said...

Despite the whole background text, I find it quite elegant.

Word verification: cool.

Bev said...

Love the Finely Tuned Woman's comment.

Debi said...

How many favorites can I have? Is there a limit? No? Good.

I'm intrigued when you show us a work's "detail." How big is your work? A weird question when you think of it being digital. If you were to display your work in a gallery, how big would it be?