Friday, December 19, 2008


Old schoolyard photo, altered.

If you want to see some amazing oil paintings and original portraits go north by north east.

From Pierre's artist profile:

"I always been challenged and inspired by new ideas and new ways of living, so if I can describe my work as photorealist, I intend to let it evolve to another level."

Simply amazing work. Stunning command of his media. Great stuff and comparable sensibilities

Good music links, too. Please visit.


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

I went there and wasn't sure if I was looking at a photograph or at a super realistic painting, so I guess it was kind of lost on me. I prefer your collages.

Pierre Raby said...
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John said...

The fact that you cannot tell easily that it is a painting speaks highly of technique. Technique is underrated these days and should not be.

A painting that is a jewel becomes somewhat diminished when a photograph is taken a and posted. One needs to see beyond the posted image and imagine the work in hand under good light in a warm inviting space.

Photography freed painters to not have to be representational, but that does not mean at all that representational painting should not be welcomed, admired or encouraged. It is a semi lost art and a treasure.

I take photographs and try to morph them into abstract quilts that are tributes to painting. Pierre makes paintings that at first blush pass for photographs.

They are arcs in a same circle...

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

I stand corrected.

jgy said...

ieces from corners


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Anonymous said...

No naughty school girls o this yard. hmmm...keep this up and you may well redeem yourself enough for Santa to visit you after all.

All though there were a lot of 'taste like chicken' comments.....

Kim said...

textural diversion John...
the rusty red works well with the strips of grass..
checked out the link ...
awesome work.... :)

The Artful Eye said...

I've been dining and dashing but not through the snow.

John you have taken a remarkable turn in your work. I remember this school yard image. I like how you've taken snippets here and there and changed color and redirect the eye to non-organic shapes.

I checked out Pierre's site and he is remarkable. I will go back and remark. This is my favorite style of painting photoreal. My personal preference is to paint in this style. Thanks for sharing this link.

I hope you are all doing well in the Mora household. Best wishes to everyone. Keep your eye on the mail.


Debi said...


I love this.

I visited north by north east last weekend. I found music there I loved (loney dear) and included on my sidebar ("I'm listening...").

What glorious times we live in! I love this independence to express our creativity and on the flip, to find exactly what we like.