Tuesday, December 9, 2008


From a beach shot taken in the Keys two Aprils ago. Laughing gulls live along he eastern seaboard, most often seen on beaches, and its cry is loud and uplifting - a lovely sound of summer.


jgy said...

Soothing grays, and ah, that ocean bluer.
So clear and minimalist, and then those little digitalized marks around the outcroppings of the rocks.
Adds levity to the gray-vity.

Must be great to go out looking for birds. Today we received a free 2009 calendar in the mailbox from a utilities company. Every page is another bird, perched on a different season, seen thru a different grass.

Frances said...

memories... of summer in the grey skies.
we have so many sparrows and blackbirds and robins and tits .... outside our window eating the fatballs and peanuts and seeds. All getting rounder and rounder - fat and sleek to survive the cold.

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

I have very sparse memories of the sea and seagulls. They rattle around by their lonely selves inside my brain. I can here their cry and it sounds very forlorn. The sea and I have something, there is an attraction and a repulsion. The seagulls give it a soundtrack.