Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hidden is a picture from Japan. Here is a link to the sampled photos.

Joanne has a thoughtful blog about her life and her family in southern Japan. She mixes photos, poetry and observations in a kind, candid, open manner that is refreshing and enlightening. I enjoy communicating with artists and am intrigued by Japan.

More to come about other artists I have found, sometime someday somehow..

I am a man of few words....dis.honestly.



jgy said...

ho ho ho.
tinsel and
a damsel
enter thru fragrant

jgy said...

I love the colors and the mood,
it goes with the mood of the original.
Would be fun one day to make a show of all these collaborations, displaying them as pairs, the sampled and the samplers.

3rd in a row said...

PS look at this, how it works with the one below.
Beautiful in themselves, they could also be fabrics, murals, patterns to mix and match.

3rd in a row said...

nothing, just came back to sign in with the link if anyone would like to see the sampled

Happy holidays!

Debi said...

This harks back to when we first met. But not exactly. A lot has changed, grown. There is a confidence, a subtlety, less experimenting, more knowing.

The Artful Eye said...


Here's to a bright, creative 2009!

Blessings to all in your home.


Kim said...

ho ho ho John...
hope Santa brings everything your heart desires :)