Sunday, December 21, 2008


I helped my oldest son, Greg, last week do a poster of revolutionary war battles - we found a portrait of George Washington and as I was deleting the old pics the other night I decided to play with the portrait....

For Andrea, who has been missed, on demand like a cable TV movie:


Wow, only one red state....


The Artful Eye said...

and what a lovely south.west it is!
I see Indian paintbrush, jumping Chollas, the color of Manzanita, red rock canyons and cool blue water.

By George I think you've got it. I like the vintage powder room pink and subdued hues of sepia, vandyke brown and gray,very fitting. A touch of doily.

I got the blue in my background by adjusting the auto levels in PS. I had too many shadows on the white background when I took pic outside. It turned blue so I left it.

Thank you.

Pierre Raby said...

Great piece this "" John!

Joanne Gover Yoshida said...

Weaving the history into the present---so many beautiful moments in this image.
I am reading a book by Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, and was thinking today how amazing it is to read and relate to words that were written in 120 AD, brought the past up close, as does your portrait.

Thanks for the link to the Artful Eye. I look forward to get to know her work more.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas John!! May it be wonderful and full of love and laughter!

PS: May everything (including your morning cuppa) taste like....CHICKEN!!