Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Lisa's tree is sampled, third generational mutation, though. Manhattan incredibly crowded and Van Gogh sold out, but it was an experience including visit to guitar stores on West 48th Street.


among found objects said...

makes me want a cosmo. dont know why.

The Artful Eye said...

It's like watching your aquarium through your ipod. Magical, mystery tour. I like those strands that look like rock cabachons floating through the image. I spy, neon fish, kelp and coral.

Glad you had fun in the city and you're off the rest of the week.

Happy New Year!!!

dianeclancy said...

John - I love this one!!

I tagged you over at my blog if you want to go check it out ...


~ Diane Clancy

Kim said...

I agree with Artful that this has an underwater feel to it...
I love the srong contrast between the black..reds and the lime green...
enjoy your weeks holiday John..
and Happy New Year to you and your family :))

Kim said...

oops meant strong contrast :D
and I haven't even been drinking ;) ;)

Frances said...

shifting perspective - happy new year

Joanne Gover Yoshida said...

Oh why am I
seeing a cow fish in there,
Is it only here where the year is rung in 108 (or is it 180) times
Linking and me too,
haven't even been drinking.

Happay Hpappy 20009!

PS for a new years gift to you, I am going to turn back on the Word Verification without moderation.

Debi said...

I swear I had left a comment on this piece, and the one below.

This is fabulous! I believe a person could look at it for a very long time and still be interested in the flow, the colors, the way the elements talk to one another. Really one of my all time favorite pieces.

You should be selling your work, you know. I'd buy.