Friday, December 12, 2008


This image started with a picture of Santa, since banished to the the N. Pole internet pop up sampled.

It portrays man's inhumanity to pixels.

Use of letters is cheap compositional element - no time for slow cooking - consider this a half burned burger sans fries.

OK - micro.waved


jgy said...

If people only knew there are elves in the pixels,
humanity might be more kind.

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

I never knew here were elves in the pixels. I will be much kinder from now on. You banished Santa to the North Pole? What about all the presents? And Rudolf?

among found objects said...

Really enjoying these new ones. Poor Santa, haha.

Anonymous said...

Oh you sample pop ups now too??? best use of them I think!

I feel like all these eyes are watching me. Spooky!

Frances said...

I love the bras - they look like shades somehow. This is a funny funny picture. I hope it was meant to be and I haven't offended you.

Anonymous said...

micro.waved bras are warm no?

No offense ever, Frankie.

Frances said...