Saturday, December 6, 2008



Made with scan of "dueling" trading cards Joanne found in a train station.

What is the price if one cannot understand the currency nomenclature.


Anonymous said...

This is gold! A bountiful treasure chest! Love the top photo especially.

I wonder if you did find the Queens stash after all....

Joanne Gover Yoshida said...

Really fun, a game of trade where it goes in-definitely, and yet the price tag in the middle gives it something finite.

I like Lisa's simple comment; I tend to go on and on,
trading words for what I can't explain.

I'm being called for dinner, fish and shiitake mushrooms brewing in some sweet smelling soy.

language is play, and visual brew(stew)
(mom, everythings ready, my daughter from the other room)

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

I love the top one, because it is so rowdy and colorful. Looks like it got into a fight with itself and then sort of exploded in a minimal way. Good job.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i prefer the second image..soft delicate textural i have a yen for

Frances said...

Qoq. I put my finger on q instead of w - but I like it so I'm leaving qoq as my comment.
I like both in different ways. I like the structure and shapes and the light in before.barter, but i like the wild abandon of de.finition

Kim said...

mmmm...bon bon ..delectable John...
and the rails duo is absolutely incredible!!!!
that green is to kill for ...and the layer effect!!

jgy said...

I've always been able to see the dark side of those playing cards. I like you also presented the light side.

Wizards and angels,
two sides of a coin

Debi said...

(LOL to Frances' qoq!)

"before.barter" is amazing. I haven't yet dug over at Joanne's place, but I know how she must feel. It is an awesome pleasure to be stolen (ok, bartered) here.

Funny now that I think of it. Again you are zapped into the edge of the 21 century. From the beginning of time artists have immortalized their muses in their work. You do the same.