Friday, December 4, 2009

Thursday Penn, morn and night. I am taking fewer photos on the train an don the subways. Seems for now I have fewer new visions. In art is it easy to get better at making decent pictures out of the bad - more technique than magic.

I miss the magic.

I miss the flag at Penn. Hanging wreaths have minimal symbolism and there was something glorious about that flag in the back. I enjoy the holidays - just miss my flag and sun dresses.

Seems like a take a pic of every red coat that goes by. Should have had my BB during the revolutionary war....

The subject that I used in a recent quilt liked my art and featured it on her blog. I will sample her images on occasion. Thanks, Caroline.

Well, it is Friday. Hope you are all well and creative. All my best.


Mick said...

A lot of great gams in this set ... what more magic than this do we really need?

jgy said...

greetings la la la:)