Saturday, December 12, 2009


Sampled from another "fashion" blog, this one is from Estonia (I have lost the link, temporarily). I will ask permission to sample - this image has little reference to the subject, mostly the landscape, the mood and inspiration.

It is truly cold here - yesterday morning it was nine degrees Fahrenheit (with the wind chill) and the lovely and efficient Long Island Railroad ran forty five minutes late so we all stood there on a platform forever since the flashing sign said it was only nine minutes delayed. Not many BBs were taken in the mad rush to get to work, cold.

Over the past few years I have noticed more than a few businessmen who wear few layers in winter. They must expect public transportation to work efficiently since they go to work in New York in December without a coat. Yesterday was a sweet spank to those so haughty. For me, the problem was my legs - they were cold all day.

Well enough complaining - let's complain about those who complain in July about the heat and the humidity. There is nothing as beautiful as a summer day.


Mick said...

I find this image inspiring; even as I sit here, commiserating ... my legs have cold all week.

layers said...

hmmmm-- freezing cold here too-- I have several large pots of goldfish outside-- takes a lot of cold to freeze the tops of all of them-- there is even ice out on the surface of the bay-- so.. would I rather have hot humid or cold freezing? hmmm-- how about 70 degrees and sunny?
oh-- and I like your image.

jgy said...

Fashion--turn to the left...
fashion---turn to the right...
we are the goon squad and we're coming to town, beep
----david bowie

PS delayed thank you for the!

Hope it's warming up a bit:)
wishing you a beautiful winter day...