Thursday, December 10, 2009


A world created by a long steady heavy snowfall - at a moment when the winds have died, cars are parked, and people are huddled. It is nightfall.

Maybe one star peeks out from a sky laden with billowy clouds.


Mick said...

Very poetic, John ... visually and with your words.

santas little helper said...

Is this your christmas list?

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I saw the heavy snow on the news tonight and hoped you were ok. Looks bad on the news.

This piece is peaceful and you make the stillness sound so blissful. Glad your fingers havn't frozen over:)

The Green Stone Woman said...

It seems like your snow has created a big silence with just one window of the pre-snow condition into it. We have no such poetic snow here. No cold freezing fingers and toes either.