Thursday, December 17, 2009


Simple Simon sampled - renegade quilt maker that I am. Recently I have asked for permission to use images from two blogs and I have gotten no response.

I am working on a sampling "partnership" with an exceptional photographer and I hope it will work out. I do not have time to take good photos nor do I own a good camera. Let's see. I need inspiration. I enjoy collaboration.

The new work would involve weeds or plants or fields or old walls and nature, possibly some birds. Many of my favorite samples have include nature.

I want to work with large image files and be able to blow up large.

I am tiring of the BB shots in part since I have done them a lot, almost every work day commute, since maybe June. Need to take a break.

I had thought of using the BB shots for samples but the quality is not there not sharp enough. We shall see.

Create. As they sang in the play Rent, "The opposite of war is not peace, it is creation."


Mick said...

I'm only thinking out loud, but it seems that the sharpen tool from almost any photo editing software would offer good results using BB photographs.

layers said...

love that last line from the play RENT- my mantra is PEACE please- like your ideas for new quilt works.

Debi said...

Thank you for sharing that line from Rent; it was new to me, blows me away.

I look forward to seeing how the collaboration with the photographer works out! Part of the uniqueness of your quilts is seeing shadows of samples, how you interpret them, how you make them into something all new, a Mora piece.

And speaking of Mora pieces, I have thoroughly enjoyed your BB shots, and how far into Art you have taken them...realism, impressionism, cubism, moraism. Broken into periods -- Early Quilt Period, BB Period, Later Quilt Period.