Monday, December 7, 2009

Friday's commute, starting at Penn Station, subway platform on Fifth Avenue, then nighttime at Fifth Avenue, Penn and finally the Long Island Railroad train, almost home.

Good images sometimes come in streaks - part of it is being in a "receptive mental zone," but also the quality of light in some locations impacts the quality of the images. More and more I find it hard to get a good picture on Penn Station south bound subway platform. Neon glare. Been there, done that.

I keep photographing in Penn. Sometimes there is exploration and newer areas and sometimes it feels it is repetitive being already explored areas, such as the staircases leading up to Amtrak. Other areas in Penn have horrid light levels, either too low or very flat such as on the Amtrak level.

I am leaning to going back to doing more quilts. We will see, permissions to use images and all.

Thank you for your visits and your comments. All my best.


Mick said...

Even so, there's always a gem to be found.

Anonymous said...

hey someone stole my christmas tree! (3rd from the bottom)

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I thought of you the other day when I was playing around with a new cell phone with camera. I am quite intriqued with some of the effects you've been able to make, although I'm sure they not so accidental these days and more intentional. Mastering the art of BB:)