Sunday, December 13, 2009


Sampled here, a remarkable picture of an ovenbird warbler lost in migration in New York. The blogger was wearing a remarkable blouse and yes the post does capture the spirit of snow white. This must be a first year bird being so tame and because you cannot see the head stripe.

Ovenbirds are relatively common ground dwelling warblers, small insect eating songbirds - many admired for their stunning colors. Warblers are my favorite birds - I have seen more than twenty species on a good Spring migration day in Central Park.

Ovenbirds have a most remarkable loud song that is cheery - "tea-cher, tea-cher, tea-cher." They are called ovenbirds because they build a nest on the ground that kind of looks alike an outdoor domed oven. Sexes are similar. Most migrate to Central America - I have seen a few in South Florida in winter.

The blogger, Audrey, who found this bird likes to bake - so an ovenbird seems like an appropriate find. I will ask Audrey permission to use her images - if it not granted, the post will be removed.

Man, it is cold here. Should I brave the outdoors and put up Christmas lights?


Mick said...

Warm your pockets with an oven bird and start tacking 'em up!

The Green Stone Woman said...

What a simply wonderful collage. It is absolutely magical. I love the solitary sparkly arm. And the face, I love the face.

layers said...

haven't hard of ovenbirds-- very interesting-- and how you incorporate and create new images is amazing.
I just did a post on bowerbirds-- have you heard of them?

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Great collage! We had a mature Golden Eagle fly over recently. It had a catch of something - I saw the shadow. When we went out to see it, it was in a swaying tree top sans catch. Majestic is the word.