Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Anonymous said...

Very delicate and, excuse the word, pretty. A gentle collage and one you want to touch and bring to movement.

Neda said...

Ori.gami beau.ty


jgy said...

These colors are so "natsukashii", they remind me of the patterns from my childhood home, our sun room, but much more 'sophisticated'.
I love the turquoise. The empty spaces bordered by thin lattice. The lime green puzzle pieces.
It all fits as it moves.

Such spriing and zing to the fall colors!

jgy said...

You give me an idea. We could go into business.
This pattern would make a beautiful bento.
Any way you can transfer your images onto some kind of paper or surface, that you can send to me and I can use to re-fab some of the bentos I find...or make a whole new line?
Half joking, so the other half is in for the bucks...!

Anonymous said...

You say when.fall but I say its.spring
Lovely image, like silken thread.