Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I guess these days I am just exploring and posting - raw vegetables - like Rocky pounding a slab of beef.


The Boisterous Butterfly said...

It's like a jazz composition with flowers, Billy Holiday on Ice.

Frances said...

interesting the two lights - the mixed texture. A real collage. Somehow discombobulating. the rain-like scratches.. so fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I like the grainy blue veges to the side. Looks like they would taste nice and I eat with my eyes first. It's true.

I bet snake helped with the gardening.

jgy said...

You get the blue ribbon for your improvis-tic

Flat space at first, becomes deep when I strain my eyes to find Mt. Fuji far in the distance. Hard to explain, but if you see the line between the orange and red like the diagonal of a triangle. Imagine that line as a tiny detail of the left side of Mt. Fuji sloping up. Then all the Red is a detail of Mt. Fuji with the black trees in the foreground.
A glimpse of Fuji seen through a window framed with icicles.

Neda said...

Dare I say I love the "hesitation marks" on each side of your painting?