Monday, November 24, 2008


Playing with Japanese leaf - bento plate - fast food wrapped like a pretty present.


Joanne Gover Yoshida said...

Exactly. You really got it, and present it in an elegant package.

Great complement to the red.

Positive/negative, I like again the way it hearkens back to early photographs and simple exposures.

I had a dream the other night where my cousin who lives in LI and writes games and puzzles and I were talking about how life is like a puzzle.
Fun to see 'pieces' re-arranged like this.

Bev said...

Reminds me of sushi.

You do get it round here in supermarkets, little portions of fish with little colourful decorations on top, perhaps leaves, I can't remember. It comes in a little tray with a little fork.

Anonymous said...

I commented good and well and the darn thing ate my comment. Now I am too frustrated to repeat the story except to say, very well done!

JGY said...

I like Bev's association with the little leaves they sometimes put in in the sushi trays. I hadn't thought of that. Here they are plastic ones with a zig zag top, like grass.

Debi said...

Everyone has their own story in this one.

Me, I think of a developing tray, seeing the floating image come to life.

After reviewing your work of the last month, in one sitting, I'm blown away by the experimenting you are doing. I have felt this way before here, looking at your work: oh! what it would be to a fly on John's monitor.