Thursday, November 20, 2008


Cyprus and Japan - Frances and Joanne.

Carob and a lost.and.found treasure - it's a wrap.per

I am intrigued by Joanne's work - see my blog link to "Found in Japan." Years ago I looked for and photographed random refuse and tried to find beauty in litter- Joanne brings her finds home to record in her scanner.

Recently I sampled Lisa's "Christmas trees for sale" photograph and that image can be found in the basement and also with syrup.


The Boisterous Butterfly said...

I think I'm in over my head and lost for words. To put it mildly, I should shut up now.

Kim said...

wow John
that fuschia pink literally leapt out at me when I opened the page :))
going to check out the basement :)

Joanne Gover Yoshida said...

It's great how you bring people together (literally and figuratively) in your art and in your site.
I'm happy to be posted (?!), sampled (?!) 'with' Frances in this beautiful collage.
Pink and green is my favorite color combination.

If I lived in a spacious home with strong white walls, would like to hang it in my Looking room. As you can guess, we (my husband, daughter and I ) have a small place. 2 tatami rooms for sleeping and 2 western style rooms--one for my studio room and one for living/dining.

Thanks for your support and mentioning my site.
To all--please visit, Irrashaimase, which is a welcoming greeting in Japan.

Joanne Yoshida said...

PS Can you believe, today I found myself in a coffee shop and on all of the tables were placemats picturing each of the 53 stations of Hiroshige's Road to Tokaido.
Isn't life amazing when it shows us everything's connected.

I wrote a post about it on my "Aikawarazu" site.

Frances said...

my comment was lost
zing zing

Neda said...

OH John! How I missed thee :)

I love the combination of the delicate hues with the vibrant reds. Very thrilling and inspiring for this Mikado-ette