Friday, November 14, 2008



jgy said...

I like that purple light.
And patterns.
I look foward to visit Lisa's site to view the original image.

Knock knock
Who's there?
Two knees.
Two knees who?
Tunisia is a country I've not yet visited

The Boisterous Butterfly said...

I can't come up with a joke that good. We don't have knock, knock jokes in the Netherlands anyway. We're too mature for that.

Lovely image, or is that part of the joke also? I'm afraid to comment on it, lest I put my foot in it.

You have to warn people when you are being silly, John. I am taking you dead serious now. About your silliness I mean.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

that joanne! i love her sense of humour.
as for you...wowoowowooo and more
love the colors, textures, and doodles in your image.
thumbs up!
btw..first time i ever heard martin sexton was the song im playing on my blog. ive got a cd of his somewhere but this is my fav
and yes, im hooked on bon iver. did you know it means good winter, intentionally misspelled?

Kim said...

pink tapestry John....lots of new direction in these last posts...
some great colour combos at work...
ps have sent you an email....
enjoy your weekend !!!

among found objects said...

wetlands were my study focus in college. I dont think they are appreciated as they should be. they are a time capsule. a sponge. a home to almost all marine life at some point. and well, their smell reminds me of numerous summers and the earthiness of life's processes.

Anonymous said...

I still love the grainy texture the web gives. Busy spider! The pink areas look cellular to me, like DNA. Especially the bottom piece.
Fitting seeing as though the nest is a place of fertility.

Stay warm! I hear damsel's don't like cold too much.

Frances said...

aboriginal sand painting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks all I did think of Tunisia when I made up the name but knock knock was a soar.prize.