Sunday, November 23, 2008

Since the night Obama got elected I have had a cough and a cold - got better and worse - these are excerpts from a larger work that is missing its rudder. Cough, cough, cough.

Having a wee bit of artist block....have a great week.


jgy said...

Don't let it bring you down
its only castles burning...

Its what came to mind.
Hope you feel better.

There is sense of a castle, now that I got the song in my mind. The gates, the guards, the subdued wintery tones.

Inspires me to do a series of finds at our local 'Castle Park", the remains of the old castle are surrounded by a moat and cherry and weeping willow trees.

Frances said...

watery splashy
get well soon

Bev said...

Snow on trees to me, but it's what you bring to your viewing. It's snowing here.

among found objects said...

Birds in Brigantine...reminds me of my dad and trips too see funny Roseate spoonbills. I loved seeing them.

The Artful Eye said...

Get well soon! It's been too busy here for me. I'm glancing here and there and can barely mutter a word.

I see many wonderful collaborative works.

Neda said...

I prefer the silver green of your trees than the green(s) which crashed on Wall Street

Get better :)