Sunday, April 20, 2008



Frances said...

spring sprung sprang
hope the buds are bursting where you are, as they are here.
Does word verification stop kijar getting in? If you have a Windows based machine, I believe some of those links are actually software and not links at all. Bev had trouble with her computer after clicking on one such link.

John said...

"Does word verification stop kijar (and other jerks) getting in?"

Yes, it would. I took off word verifcation and started getting these comments that I need to delete. Sorry to hear about Bev.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i made it so my posts had to be moderated, so i could elminate that crazy spam. i hate word verification. sometimes i forget to post the good comments though....ooopsie

anyway, this work is lovely. i don't know what you are doing, but don't stop. i love your new spring look.

(i'm still waiting for an answer to my email, jm)

Bev said...

I enjoy looking at this art during the course of my everyday life by just switching on the laptop.

The spam nearly crashed my laptop after one click but fortunately my husband is a bit of a computer whizz and sorted it out, but I think you have to act quickly. Unfortunately he is now having problems with his own very expensive Dell computer after it contacted a virus. Sometimes I catch him on my laptop and think he is nosing on my blog (which I really don't want him to do, though come to think of it he could probably access my blog on his own computer, it's just the confused way I think lol) but he is really just using it for innocent purposes.

I like this work because it gives a feeling of the transition of the seasons, and the geometric lines give the feeling of a calender. It also has quite a Japanese willow pattern feeling to me.

Kim said...

quite oriental John !!
the colours are remarkably springlike and the contrast between the organic and the geometric...stunning !!

The Artful Eye said...

Hammergirl is one smart cookie! She can't be fooled by Robin or Ringo. Glad they stop by though, it makes it look like she has celebrity visitors. No word verification for them. Carte blanche.

Beautiful spring blossom series, lovely composition and color. Not sure if you're choosing color or it's just the randomness of it all.

Simply, Splendid, Spring blossoms!

Bitter Sweet Metaphor Irene said...

Never!!!! click on anything!!!!

I love these compositions, they are so lovely that they make me all soft inside and we can't have that, can we now, John? Damn, they are so beautiful, yours are on purpose, mine are by chance. I will do this one day!

John said...

all of life is by chance