Friday, April 25, 2008


An image pulled out of my leftovers, a file "saved as" then forgotten - potential lint elevated here. Somehow the basement is getting stale. Need to go down there soon and empty the dehumidifier.

Outside my sun room windows is a dogwood. White buds barely unfurling. Been warm here and spring has stepped up its parade. Daffodils are half spent and we await aromatic wonders such as lilacs.


Frances said...

thanks john for the beautiful second paragraph. We too. We can already smell hints of something wonderful, maybe some little opening buds we haven't noticed. We had good rainfall recently and some warm days with sunshine and everything is burgeoning, just burgeoning. Isn't life marvellous, despite everything? the garden is a thrill every moment.

Metaphorical Sweet Wood Irene said...

I see the beautiful bare skin of a woman that you want to caress under the dogwood tree, between the lilacs, on a warm spring night. No, it isn't me! Some other American beauty of mixed heritage. I am just a Dutch hausfrau. Even Frances says that the garden is a thrill at the moment.Seize the day! Seize the night, rather.

By the way, where is that picture?

Bev said...

We have whole rows of roadside trees coming out in blossom near us on my dogwalk. My little girl used to take pieces of blossom to make a tiny posy.

I think your computer facility for making square shapes really comes into its own here, with the perfectly formed square slates. We have slate tiles on our roof, but they are grey/black, but maybe slate is a different colour in your part of the world lol

Kim said...

luxuriously minimalist John...
I hope your kids had fun :)

The Artful Eye said...

I've been looking this image over and I truly love the simplicity of it. It does remind me of snippets of a painted nude and also of pastel.

I am in love with the dogwood tree. I've seen a few up in Monterey, but not around here. There are so many beautiful varieties. Oh... and lilacs , best we can do here is Wisteria. I have not been lucky getting Wisteria to grow but neighbors with shade are lucky.

Hope you have a splendid weekend!