Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Back to Lisa, to a semi-tropical world where plumbers see water go down the drain counter clockwise. Back to MS Paint - quick and dirty but I also dabbled here with, for layers.

Small image file off the Internet. Poacher that I am.

This one combines the more painterly illusions I get with "net" and the geometry of "paint." Complimentary.

Today is "bring your kids to work day" - I am hoping not to be embarrassed - twelve and seven are here and twelve preys on seven, on occasion.


Neda said...

I am sure they'll be berry berry happy to be with you :)

The Artful Eye said...

It should be a fun relaxing day for you.

We are kidless, but I feel like I have a large group of kids at work. I'm always entertained.

Another splendid spring-like composition. Lovely.

Bev said...

It is lovely and springlike this, but they are berries, and those happen in Autumn (I think Lisa noticed how springlike they looked)so are combining two hemispheres in this collaboration. Like the conceit!

Frances said...

this is somehow more translucent.
It reminds me of a lady's dress. But which lady? don't know. Her skirt. Maybe I was young and at hiding in skirt stage of life.
if your kids can't embarras you now, what use are you? ;-) is that not our main function?

Bitter Sweet Metaphor Irene said...

I would like to come and pick your new.berries, may I John, please, they are so lovely. When I was a child, I had a black dress, that my mother made, with just those kind of berries on it. I am very partial to them and you have draped them lovingly.

Don't pay any attention to me, I am under the influence of legal drugs. They ease my weary brow. Boy, they do a great job, do you want some? You're not a minor are you? I'd hate to corrupt a mere child, a teenager even maybe.

Will you show us a picture of you one day? Taken from the back with your rain gear on? Then we have some idea of your general size anyway. No clothes on under the rain gear!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Brilliant transformation. You've kept the lushness and colours and enhanced them. Love the multi coloured berries. Trippy.
Hope you survived take your kids to work day!! One of mine is very honest and shares what they think even if it's not polite or apropriate! Such a fine line between honest and well...rude! Love him all the same ofcourse I just learn to look for potential snakes that might crawl from under rocks.

The drunk man story is sad. Very. Am glad to hear NYC is better today. I hope dogs have such luck.

dianeclancy said...

Hi John,

I LOVE THIS!!!! Fantastic!

~ Diane Clancy

Patrick said...

Hii John, thanks for your comment on Papercuts. I'm quite flattered. I really like the color and geometry of your work. Great combination of shapes. -PG