Saturday, April 26, 2008


A large image above, reduced in file size here, and two Paint snippets, below.


Earth Day photo was used here and also a cherry tree photograph emailed by Sue. The Earth Day photograph is so complete that it was hard to use, meaning the original is just perfect as is. So, I used a snippet and might do so again.

Sue's photograph was a close-up of a large cherry bud, very similar to the one in our front yard. This cherry was in top form today on Long Island, the yellow forsythias receding. This is the first year our newer redbud has blossomed adequately.

Hope you are all doing well - my best.


Metamorphic Sweet Wood Irene said...

I am trying to imagine the excitement you felt while you created these and for that reason the middle image is my favorite, because I think it must have been the most exciting to create. It would have been for me anyway...

Bev said...

The second one is more to my taste too, as the blossom has more muted colours, but the vivid pink of the cherry blossom is a natural colour is so vivid it almost seems artficial. Perhaps I like the white ones best and I always think little ruffled bridal petticoats.

However, the blossom at this time of year is a delight. I have just been on a dog walk and there are whole avenues of cherry blossom trees along the avenues of the semis. They are a fleeting pleasure so I always make sure I have a good look. In a while they will fall and the pavements will be carpeted with pink confetti. Come to think of it, the whole thing is quite bridal, especially when you think of all the weddings at this time of year lol

Sue O'Kieffe said...

it seems like the blooms are coming right off the page, and you have managed to also capture the movement of the blossoms in the wind. i like the palette of the second image, and the contrasting colors in the other two. how did you manage to splash paint on those blooms?

these cherry trees blossoms have a special meaning to me. im glad you were able to use the pic.

~sue okieffe

Frances said...

exciting, and dare I say it, pretty.
Quite different.
blossom lovely here too. Lilac looking likely to leap into life

The Artful Eye said...

John, My fav is the middle for all reasons, palette, composition, a bit more polished. These cheery, cherry blossoms seem to pop off the page, as Sue also mentioned. It's actually a bit surreal. I bet the original photo is stunning.

So happy that Long Island is coming into bloom. Summer is on the horizon.

Have you loaded PS? Troubles? Truly, it's an application that really must be learned by tinkering.

Best to you and the family.
Have a wonderful week.