Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Dedicated to doors that open and to others that shut. Such is Steps set to no music. Dancing always allowed. Stars welcomed, some lost.


The bones:

So, here is a small toast to inviting doors and also to fertile clear waters.

I have always lived near an ocean, but I always preferred fresh water - it felt safer and more peaceful, intimate. I enjoy being at lakes and streams and find comfort in the likelihood of shade. I burn.

I used to canoe and a trip to the New Jersey Pine Barrens and a marsh called Brigantine forged a twenty year love of birding. New Jersey is a wonderful state - much maligned due to an industrial corridor near NYC. Otherwise it is paradise. Cape May, at the southern tip, is one of my favorite places on earth, particularly during the fall bird migration.

These images were manipulated from a Trijnie photograph of Norway. There must have been amazing birds nearby.



Sweet Irene said...

What absolutely lovely images. Just splendid. You have outdone yourself with the effects in these.

I love the top one the most, but actually all of them are lovely and I would have them hanging on my wall in a milisecond.

I could comment on each of them individually, but that would be too much work for this comment and I'll say that at least three of them belong in "selective pancakes."

Aren't you a lucky fellow to have such a wonderful talent? And to have the patience and love to create these pieces.

You add some of all the extras to a person's day!

The Artful Eye said...

Love,love,love the top one Nor.way.door.way, all are spectacular .
Pine Barrens that was the name of one of the "Soprano" episodes.

Jersey does have some lovely areas to spend time. It's nice hear your stories.

Thank-you for sharing.
Much talent indeed.

Kim said...

'such is life' were the last words of Ned Kelly...
I like your
the contrast in colours works so well with the doorways....
I've found windows that open when doors are closed a great salvation as long as they are on the ground floor :)
dancing without music is on a higher plane...sublime and rare !!!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I think the other 3 stole all the words from my mouth...hmm great minds think alike. Here's to always knowing which doors to open, which ones to close and which ones to leave alone:)