Monday, April 28, 2008


Three MS Paint snippets of larger piece.

Working just in paint is becoming a bit limiting. See post directly below.


Bev said...

I don't understand any of the technicalities of the work, just like seeing what I see in them lol

I think this is appropriate for this time of year. Maybe this is what a bee sees when collecting pollen, vague shadowy shapes mostly, but with the bright flower colours and the pollen standing out, because I understand they do have quite basic eyesight. Very nice to look at to, as is all your work.

The Artful Eye said...

I'm actually enjoying these images as a series and like looking at them as if they were rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. Turn your head to the right and look at the series it actually makes up a whole nice picture. Like a garden wall, arbor and wisteria hanging from above.

John said...

I see what you are saying (!!)- I had turned at least one on its side, but did not think of three on side as a series...great point, conceptually important going forward (or backwards as I tend to do, ha ha).

I think I know how I can do this for this blog.....gracias.

Put your face on a Wheaties box - heroine - excellente.

Metamorphic Sweet Wood Irene said...

Andrea is the brightest of the class, little whippersnapper. It's that Eyetalian in her.

I don't know how you make these, but your frustration doesn't show. I like the third with the bit of yellow in the corner.

I like yellow...