Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I got permission to use the harrier photograph- this is the original shot. The blog is here. This is my least favorite of the three so I hope no one expected very much.

The linked blog has excellent bird photography with a stiff botany bent. Photographing birds in the wild is difficult. You have long lens, moving birds, branches, bad light - in the "old days" it resulted in a lot of wasted film. It is worth investigating this Flickr site. Go here for some nice shots of birds organized by type.

Southern California is a natural paradise.

Sweet Irene gave me another award - gratitude.attitude. I return it to to acknowledge her her constant encouragement, wit and courage. Thank you, Irene. My best.

I also pass it on to Andrea and to Lisa and to Sue. Kind and gifted artists.

Gracias, amigas, siempre.


The Artful Eye said...

Okay, I admit I was holding out for flight.one, I'm heading back to flight.three as my favorite in composition. Lovely harrier image and Flickr group.

Here is another wonderful site for you birdlovers.


Thank you for your kind words and acknowledgment

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Thankyou for the gratitude with atitude award. Your a big softy behind that computer screen of yours I am sure. Don't worry I won't tell everyone;)
Nice to see you using birds, I love birds. Not so mosquito's and definately not snakes!

BTW. School vacation = term break or school holidays. The summer ones are long end of Dec to the start of feb and they get a 10 week term then 2 week term break at the end of each term. Soon in other words...
PS BTW..no change in font or colour. Maybe you didn't eat enough carrots when you were younger ;)