Monday, June 4, 2007

Yogurt, cause effect and weekend

Think had bad yogurt - felt awful starting Wednesday evening, out on Thursday and Friday.

Painted and finished one 11 by 14 this weekend - second half done (reworked ) - not sure if I can pull it out. Slow dance with myself.

First painting is kind of psychedelic - I love those sixties posters.

Second one is not great - not bad. Issue is split composition - hard to work with two equal images on same plane - it is a fine composition unaltered and that might be problem. Hard to create movement with two static elements - might need to sacrifice or weaken one....

Computer alteration is part of the process but it is seductive and always tempted to make it stunning.

What is sometimes amazing is how it has to get worse before better. But you never know. Like working on the bomb squad.

All I know is that I am happiest when successfully creating, alive and aware ... .... .... ... extra ellipses for effect.

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