Thursday, June 14, 2007

Text Messaging Suicide

Yesterday morn I walked uptown from Penn Station. My hobby is to people watch - really woman watch more than anything else. Always looking for the next model....probably lost my current favorite.

Circa West 40th street there was an attractive bleach blond with dark roots text messaging into her phone. She stood across the street from me facing a red light when I spotted her. Suddenly without looking up she took two steps into street. Cars were zipping by. I decided she was insane. A few seconds later pedestrians to the left and right of her walked into street and she followed them without ever looking up. Still typing, distracted, as if her life was a text message video game.

Some people trust others insanely. A car in motion tends to remain in motion unless otherwise acted upon. Physics. Momentum.

Text Messaging Suicide.

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