Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Social Security Moment

This morning on Seventh Avenue as I walked up from Penn I noticed a short blond woman drop something - it was her unsigned social security card. She was walking quickly and I picked it up and tried to call and catch her. You never know with mid town traffic - red light - crazy taxis - and you would lose her forever as you waited. Her luck she stopped to make a call from corner phone booth.

Who still uses public phones? Cell phones have made them obsolete just as emails and text messaging has wiped out the use of faxes. CDs wiped out vinyl albums, and then iPod and iTunes wiped out Tower Records, my haven.

So I walked up to her - she had an eastern European name (cannot recall anything else) and held the card out to her - she gave me a two second look of appreciation as she took the card and I turned away my good deed for the day accomplished. Not a deep moment.

She was more pert than smart, I wish her continued luck. Her card indicated she needed a work visa (green card?) - losing that social security card would have set her back considerably.

Do not expect any karma, instant or otherwise.

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