Friday, June 8, 2007

Some days you have to feel like a kid the morning you are going back to Disneyland.

This AM I await a train and am starting a glorious Friday. Warm and a wee humid with all the promise of capri pants and summer fashion. Other than Christmas Day and winter birds, I take a June day anytime over winter.

So, tonight I intend to paint. Continue with current 8 by 10, going lightly. Maybe I will throw more paint at overworked 11 by 16 and then maybe cut it up for use for collage scraps. There must come a point where you throw in the towel with bad work as well as with "black hole like sucking" aquaintances.

Adding physical collages to computerized collages is intriguing.....

Yesterday I walked through the south end of central Park and there were foreigners there with stands to do charcoal or pastel portraits. Some examples looked good. poor artists - creating momentoes for tourists - either of kids and of women the buyer is tring to impress. I am saddened to see artists doing this - more so than other street performers since these portrait makers just sit there waiting for a client. A musician plays while waiting, hoping someoned drops something in the hat. Music is so much more social than are the fine arts.

No jamming while I create. In fact, I do not like to talk or interact while I paint. Not lonely, but alone.

Makes sense? Ahh, it is a glorious Friday.

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