Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Been painting (and not been working on the railroad)

Large problematic 11 by 14 was cut (cropped) into two pics. God bless the straight edge and the Xacto knife. Determined this on rail road car going home Friday evening. Minor epiphany - most important since if I follow it not all pics will be same size or even standard sizes.

For most part in the past I worked full frame - pure and conceptual regarding artitic preconception of final image at exposure. I am breaking more rules, many more, since started collage manipulations....less rigid. More opportunistic.

Art should be opportunistic but not rote. Liberating. Enabling.

Worked and completed another 8 by 10 and close to finishing another 8 by 10 and another 11 by 14. Very productive number of evenings. Using palette knife more and blending colors. Determining ways - more efficiently - to create graceful arcs, etc. Many etc's.

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