Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday, Monday (my real 200th post - if you exclude drafts)

Today on Broadway near 43rd Street there was a professional high end film crew set up - apparently Eddie Murphy was going to film there. Two very large cameras and lights. Not three guys from Eastern Europe making a bad NYC documentary. Up the same block there was a 40 gallon plastic tub filled with Poland Spring water bottles, sitting on ice. Finding this unattended tub very odd, I looked down the side street and there was a catering truck unloading twenty feet away.

My first paranoid thought was "tainted water - bio terrorism," and then I saw truck and thought, "the dumb caterers will lose their water." Then I saw woman dressed for work walking with a friend and she grabbed a bottle and opened it and started drinking it, walking slowly uptown. Did she think she was in marathon race and getting free liquids?

Apparently she is not a paranoid like me and became much better hydrated that minute. Glad to be paranoid, and thirsty.

Here in NYC the motto on subway system is "if you see something, say something." It is not "if you see a water bottle, drink something...."

At home finished all prints to paint. Started on 9 by 12 canvas a simple landscape wit much sky. Need to figure out how to proceed. Progress, goals, focus have shifted.

Tonight on PBS - "The Power of Art." Watch. Drink. Experience.

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