Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Paintings. iPods, thinking (or the lack thereof)

One painting just came together last night - methodically then magically. Turning tricks into miracles.

Another painting is laborious - could have been done but lacked "magic." Cannot have inferior work. Problem is the focus is in black and white and rest in now color and the color blows away the monochrome portions....Also two equal images on same plane.

So that one sucks, a wee bit and will either be pulled out or destroyed, not given away.

On way to work today walking up Seventh Ave my iPod stopped. Now fixed, reset. But at the time the first thing I noticed was how much energy music gives me. Then the next thing I noticed fifteen minutes later is that suddenly I was thinking. Thinking thoughts about the day, life, relationships, whatever.

So iPod is kind on an earful of drugs. Always felt isolated but it is also isolating even from one self. Like me always wanting to read a book, watch TV and have the stereo on. Cannot think - like a sedative. I crave not thinking too much. Escaping. Art. gardening. Birding. Looking.

OK, enough for today. Keep painting. Keep loooking. Maybe think some more.

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