Thursday, June 21, 2007

My 200th Post

Completed another painting last night - 8 by 10 and this on has the least amount of paint ever - the pic was prepared in Microsoft Paint very well and now only has highlights and additions. Very subtle, yet elegant.

Less is more. Happy - no, the word is "content." Only have one 11 by 16 left - most work has been good. Then I am done with printed images of former model. Will need to close the Rubicon, then.

Everyone I have shown work to has liked it. Very good response.

Oh, well....

Today walking to office and near Rockefeller Center saw fit tall blond woman on bicycle with braided hair. Wearing short clingy light blue and white sun dress and no helmet. The dress flowed as she sped by on her bike. She looked like a trim strong goddess on the way to a Swiss Alps beach (a non sequitor, understood). Simply lovely sight, yet suicidal.

You have to be insane to bicycle in midtown during rush hour.

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