Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sue of Sacred Circle Mandalas is a blog friend from the early days when I started reaching out here to artists. I really appreciate everyone that I have met here and so enjoy what we share, still the ones I met early, and remain friends with, are special. They encouraged me and others.

Early on I sampled a lot, and various f you allowed me images or collaborated with me. Sue meets all the criteria and she was kind enough to forward me her jpg of an egret....a small file that played well into a simple quilt.

Well here is here is another beautiful sue.gret. Then a washed out BB of 5th Av looking south.

Combined into the first quilt in a while....


Thank you, Sue.


layers said...

For a split second I thought I had landed on another blog.. the quilt concept is one I have not seen before-- only started blogging 2 months ago... anyway I do like them very much, especially the last one.
By the way, just watched the old movie TAKING PELHAM 1 2 3-- the original--the NYC subway hijack-- thought of you on the subway.

The Artful Eye said...

I do miss the quilts,
and Sue.

This BB image is very interesting because it has several vignettes.
You can see what is happening in reflection, then you have the blue arm unrelated to the reflection and the woman in sandals looks as though she's using an atm, as her passersby head towards the afternoon light.

Happy Monday.

jgy said...

Elegant combination, an egret on 5th.