Monday, October 12, 2009

Morning and evening commute photos from last Wednesday - Penn, subway, subway, then Penn. A couple going down the stairs at Fifth Av. station in the middle of the set.

American flags keep showing up in my work - on subway cards and at Penn. A lingering affect of 911. The E train's last stop is the World Trade Center.

On 911 as I surveyed the horror around me, it never occurred to me to get a camera and document the day. Later that week, when I saw and read about all the photographers who had rushed to southern Manhattan, I realized that at the time I no longer was a photographer.

That has changed and in an odd way with the black.berry. I guess this is photography.

I think my BB work is solid - I am invading "public privacy", but every day I think more and more that I am "honoring" those I photograph, particularly now as I have better control of a limited camera. Fewer butt pictures.

I can understand others being uncomfortable with my taking BB shots because sometimes I am also. A good friend is horrified and thinks I am crazy. Especially shots taken on a LIRR car that goes to my home town. Sunday my son Alex was playing in a Bellmore PAL soccer game and another dad I saw there often is on my evening train. Community - where most not artistic at all.

In Penn and on subways and in MoMA there is far greater anonymity.

The damn black tape keeps falling off as I try to cover the BB flash. Every once in a while the flash fires even though it is set to off.

Just like when the zoom did no work. BB.quirks or black.berry.magic?

Columbus Day Parade here today. St. Patrick's Day these days is a much bigger event.

I think the world is still round, although.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

This whole series is developing into quite a body of work - you could break out a flag series...I like the hooded figure and image.

The Green Stone Woman said...

That's okay, Columbus never did discover America anyway, so why celebrate it? It seems kind of artificial.

I like the top photo the best for it's cheeriness. It almost looks like you're at the fair. There are other good ones in the landscape setting. The normal setting seems crowded now.

jgy.anon said...

Neil Young in Japan:

layers said...

about half way down you have an image of someone going down what looks like stairs--- very ghostly..
and we have to 'talk' some time about soccer-- my middle son started at age 5 and played college soccer for Williams College-- very strong soccer family here-- eagerly awaiting the World Cup..

John M. Mora said...

Donna, my oldest son played travel soccer until this year - he decided to run cross country. Alex is in fourth grade and is playing travel soccer with boys a year older. PAL soccer is less structured and we did it to get a little extra practice in and because Alex likes his PAL coach and team mates. The PAL team, kept together for three years, has gotten so good that Saturday Alex got "traded" against his wishes to the worst team. It is a team Alex's team had beaten 8-1 with Alex's team letting up in the first quater last weekend. It could have been 20-1.

Yesterday Alex's new team won 5-4 against a good team. Alex played the entire field, mostly defense, but scored two goals.

I cannot wait for the World Cup either. It is a great sport.