Friday, October 16, 2009

Penn Station on Thursday morning and one image from the subway platform on 5th Av. All morning glory since the evening commute was rushed as I barely made the 6:36 train.

Here is the PM commute, ending on train and then Bellmore platform.

Irene asked if I placed my favorite image first in each post. With the BB images, baring unforced error, I post in the order I shot them - a blurry motion picture of sorts. So the earliest shot is first and the last taken last.

Here the first shall not be last nor the last, first.

I added a new art blog to my list - Antonio is Spaniard who paints so realistically I thought for a his were high definition photographs. Please check out his work.

This week has just flown and I have not been to MoMA. Maybe today....


The Artful Eye said...

Anybody notice how there seems to be more clothing? heavier scarves,
coats. No more skimpy, spaghetti strap dresses and sandals. Men always suffer in shirt and tie. They don't define the seasons by fashion, it's all the same torture.

Thanks for the link to Antonio, his work is truly amazing.

Off today, yeah.

Mick said...

The first in line took me immediately to sketches of refugees. A fantastic time tunnel photo, for me anyway.

The Green Stone Woman said...

The third to last photo is fantastic. Beautiful red.

jgy said...

I see what Andrea means, there is a different kind of wintry energy (and fashion) awhirl.

To answer your q, yes, the picture is by my daughter,YY,loves drawing and reading manga:)

Candace X. Moore said...

John, I covet your images...So jealous when I stop by, so much inspiration here. I could not resist 13, had to download and post in my studio. Hope that's okay. Something very intriguing going on there, just out of focus.