Saturday, October 17, 2009

Only one picture, folks - MoMA on October 16. A Matisse dancing, me moving, life standing.

Friday was the best photo day in a long time. All day I decided to be free and accept that photos would come out. At peace. "Don't worry, be happy."

And, there were a couple of times today when I was "more lucid" and went on image runs - seeing better - more aware, confident. Arthur Ashe called it "the zone" and he was there sometimes in a tennis match. Everything seems a bit slower motion in the zone. I love it and it lasts at most five to ten minutes.

Another good thing happened, I guess. Friday two senior MoMA security managers stopped me as I was leaving MoMA. I volunteered to let them look at my pictures, since they wondered what I was photographing. It was all very cordial - in the end they decided my work was not sinister (worse, not perverted) and one manager even seemed to appreciate it. He kept apologizing diplomatically and shaking my hand.

Someone has to guard the world.

I let them see about 100 pics in a row on my BB.

The best photos I am posting are "created" - they are laced with trust in the moment. Most are head on these days. I decided that for the most part photos following woman are boring and tend to make it look like I am taking "butt shots." I still take a few, but I accept now that I have one shot at most subjects.

No butt shot here, before its time to quote Andrea and an old Gallo wine commercial, I think.

OK, a second image - passing by a Warhol.

I see my MoMA pics as my homage to a place I love, a sanctuary. It is evolving away from anything resembling heavy breathing. Slowly, like a melting glacier.

These days I take better pictures with normal subjects than with "model" subjects. Magic appears, kinda like it does in heated kernels of pop corn.


SusuPetal said...

Both marvelous photos, maybe the dancing one is even more better.

Mick said...

I like both but the second one is (like) totally amazing.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Great post, the story and the pics. Glad you didn't get in trouble with the security gaurds!
Thankyou for sharing:)

Leslie Avon Miller said...

My friend Donna (Layers, currently in Kyoto) always says to me something like "when an artist works in a series work will evolve into something you could never imagine at the beginning." This series of shots with your BB are a case in point. These two shots are rich and full...compelling.
Loved the story about the security guys. And the glimpse into your thought process.

jgy said...

honestly, I am looking at the Passing the Andy Warhol photo through blurry eyes.
Your post moved me to tears!
And, to a smile.