Friday, October 2, 2009

All MoMA yesterday - soft focus.

Kids soccer and cross country are in full swing here. Tonight it was cold and the crickets outside seemed faded and more desperate. Maybe my imagination.

I am listening to Bruce Springsteen lately since my son Greg and I will be going to Giants Stadium in Jersey next Friday night to see the Boss perform with the E Street Band.

It will be Greg's first concert. That night the band will play the early eighties album "Born in the USA" in its entirety and in order. Other nights this week got "Born to Run" and " Darkness at the Edge of Town" as the concert album- these two records were Bruce at his creative heights - both in art and persona. "Born in the USA" is still a great album, and the one that put Springsteen into concert arenas instead of playing auditoriums. Before "Born to Run" Bruce was playing clubs.

I will take my BB.


The Green Stone Woman said...

A very nice series of photos, John. Great light, great fade outs and blurs. I like number 7, it seems like a painting. You should name it "A Rabbi on Sabbath."

layers said...

your MOMA shots get these big colorful shapes in the background-- very striking and minimal.

Debi said...

I especially like the man with the coat over his arm, as well. The light from the staircase is beautiful.

Your train photos speak of rushing and noise. These photos are quiet and of hushing.

jgy said...

These soft focus photos are beautiful, I am on a quick visit now but will look more later.
How exciting about Bruce Springsteen concert, EnjoyX2!!!

jgy said...

J: back so soon?
JGY: Yes!
(Breathing in the planes and spaces in these. Really gorgeous,you are turning the space into your own, and at the same time making references now in the whole compositions to works and artists in Moma, your growing mastery of your medium is revealed in these wonderful results!