Saturday, July 26, 2008


The post below are snippets of "libre" - the word "free" in Spanish. Cubans call a Rum and Coke with a slice of lemon a "Cuba Libre." My libre is made from the inside of a lifeboat and a beach dune. Makeshift boats have brought many Cubans to the United States, a frightful trip I am sure. At the end of which, they hopefully find warm sand and safety and a different freedom. I came to here on a PanAm plane - much easier back then.

It is an early Saturday morning, a crazed mockingbird is singing outside, and I still have the house to myself - a wonderful time of the day, if I only had a cup of good coffee.

I recently bought two amazing albums - Nada Surf's "Let Go" and the Fleet Foxes' "Sun Giant" EP. Fleet Foxes recently were featured on a podcast on NPR's All Songs Considered Concert series - the band does great harmonies, they play an eclectic range of instruments and they are smart (on podcast there is an interview of one band member at the end).

I have no music life - I rely on NPR and other Public Station podcasts to help guide me to good new music. I almost never listen to FM radio, anymore.

Hope you are all best.


Irene said...

Oh wow, John. Your 'libre' is so beautiful. I am glad to see that color blue again and there is so much detail, so much to look at. I imagine I see liberated people in there and Christopher Columbus, having nothing to do with liberated people, of course. There are layers of things happening. Exotic insects and sailing ships. I love that little bit of green. That must stand for hope. I wish you'd let me do a compilation.

The Artful Eye said...

Ah, libre-rating. This image speaks many stories. I see shadows of buildings and overpasses. Ships set, sail and wood slat fences, borders.

Fleet Foxes great sound and Nada Surf -Blonde on Blonde, Fruit Fly, Paper boats yeah.

Thank you NPR and JMora music reviews. I don't know what we would do without NPR. Don't listen to FM either.

Happy Summer to the Mora's!

dianeclancy said...

Hi John,

I really love this one!!!

~ Diane Clancy