Tuesday, July 29, 2008




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Irene said...

I don't know how to react to something I don't understand and I don't understand this, except that it makes me think of little flames, but then in the negative. Other than that, I can't say one sensible thing about it, which means I am not well educated enough to.

Anonymous said...


The Artful Eye said...

I see ties in hibernation, or boat oars. I love the color combinations and the soft imagery.

I'm ok. We were rockin' and rollin' here yesterday,nearly thrown from my office chair. Large jolt, boom. Several aftershocks.

The State of California might use a federal loan? after 356mil in fire and now earthquakes.

Best back at ya.

John said...

Thanks - lately little time and a lot of odd play.


Thinking of going on a leave until Muse bites back.

Glad you are safe. I miss California, but not the faults. I guess in the back of my mind is the possibility of a hurricane. We are about a mile or two in - above the line for flood insurance.

Some mornings I can smell the ocean air. I love those days.

Right now riding under the East River.

Listening to a Tom 1aitts concert on NPR, but I cannot take two hours of his voice.

Will I last ten minutes?

Guy has a tight band. Pros.

Left work on time for once....bought lovely plums and apricots at farmer's market in rockerfeller center this morning.

Glorious hot humid day backlit by black eyed susans and the joy of sun dresses.

Beats winter even with all the wrapped presents....

The Artful Eye said...

Odd play is good. No rules, we all experience these lulls and I like to think of them as transitions, or realignments.

I tell you, taking a break feels good. You don't feel the responsibility to partake and it is freeing. Me, like you working too hard these days. The forced breaks help me breath.

Miss the train, the smell of salt air, fireflys but not the humidity.

CA door, always open, to friends, like Motel 6 the light is on. Here's to more relaxing, summer days.

Kim said...

these images look like they are about to morph into something else
I don't know what ..
perhaps tomorrow will tell... hazy ...John