Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Neda inspiration - inverted, cut, pasted - no glue here....some there. A lovely image by a gifted artist that can be clicked and enlarged. Somehow slivers of Andrea's fireworks crept in too, here.

Lately I work on images very quickly - no time and it is quite bothersome. I do think quality is suffering and see no end in sight....work, family, lawncare.

Marie and I watched a most beautifully lit and photographed movie last night on DVD - "Girl With a Pearl Earring." Period piece - impeccable settings and costumes. But what was amazing was the lighting and also the pure love of paint and pigment....how artists ground and created made their oil paints before there were tube colors. Chemistry.

"You wouldn't think a movie could look like a Vermeer painting, but Girl with a Pearl Earring is filmed with an amazing range of luminous glows that evoke the Dutch artist's masterworks." Amazon.

The cinematography is much better than the storyline, but I can live it that, here.

My best.


Frances said...

Light is a strange thing. I hate our energy-saving lightbulbs. Candlelight is better. My grandmother (I don't remember her, she died long ago) was very resistant to the changeover to electricity, she loved gaslight. Many houses in London use dimmer switches because people are accustomed to turning the light down. You can't do that with energy savers, they don't appreciate being dimmed. so what?
It has an impact on what colour things are and how ugly people are... in dimmer light we get interesting reflections on satins and silks and brocade and skin - things seem sheeny and not so glaring.
I think I will delete this, I haven't said what I meant to say.

The Artful Eye said...

Nice frenetic image here-reflects busy, fire, swift movement. We need to slooowww down, breathe get back to enjoying easy days and family life. Life has been full and crazy indeed. No need to sweat the small stuff. We are not here to judge who has more time than another, or quality for that matter but are here for friendship, support and camaraderie.

This movie is on my list and has very good ratings. Glad you had some time to relax. Family should be number one, next lawns.

Bobbie said...

While a simple storyline I enjoyed the book very much and it stays in my mind. I must see this movie! I love your use of "scissors" and "paste". Neda has inspired many of us to get out the "scissors" and "paste".

Neda said...

"Les Demoiselles A La Plage" interpreted by John-the-Artist :)

I too watch movies more for their cinematography than storyline.There is a feeling of utter transport when it is done right.

You have the vision even if you don't have the time. No worries..

Bobbie, thank you so much for the nice compliment :)

Kim said...

ah yes if only there were more hours in the day John...
this work reminds me of parchment with some wonderful slivers of colour...
Girl with a Pearl Earring so inspired me that I painted a copy for my Mother...
if you enjoyed that film you must get..The Red Violin...it's grrreat !!!