Friday, March 14, 2008


Lisa's New Zealand sky and Babaloo's Irish forest. Hemispheres become more united as we approach an equinox. A blink, a pause and a reflection


Babaloo and Lisa elements return. This happened fast, then slowed. Nature is good to me.

So, I am back at work.


Sweet Irene said...

Oh boy, what beauty you have created here, especially brook.side, that is my favorite, although that can change and win.try can become it.

You've really done it, John! You've made a Come Back!


Bev said...

Glad I am present for your comeback.

Very clever concept behind the first picture. Love the way it makes a landmass. Also lovely to look at.

dianeclancy said...

Hi John,

I like both of these very much!! Both has such a landscape feel - with a modern twist!

~ Diane Clancy

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I like brook.side. It has a lot of warmth which the aptly named win.try does not.The first one reminds me of moss on a tree:)
Brook.side is visually interesting to me because of the 'windows' that draw me in to see what's there and also the fight between dark and light.
Daylight savings ends in NZ today. No doubt it will confuse me! lol

Sweet Irene said...

Hi John, I am probably too early here in the middle of the night my time for new images and will be back later when I hope to find some. Ciao...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Irene - quite sick - bad cold. Going to bed. My best. John

PS- you can look at place near some pan.cakes....

Sweet Irene said...

Hey John, what a terrific surprise! "recycled lint" is more than wonderful! There are some real beauties in there. You have been hiding those from everybody and are full of surprises. I couldn't have started my day better.

I hope you get over your bad cold soon and will feel chipper in no time at all. Does that mean no green Guinness for you today?

The Artful Eye said...

Hi John,
Sure hope you're feeling better.
I've been over picking at lint.

I agree with Irene there are wonderful pieces in the basement that need to come up.

Get well soon!