Thursday, March 20, 2008


Marginal use of Lisa's new Tuscany painting. Older sister is here.


The Artful Eye said...

Gorgeous, quilt, textural, randomness,swatch of ver.nal. I'm leaving droppings everywhere. wait that doesn't sound right?! how about comments, that's more sophisticated.


Sweet Irene said...

Hee, hee, Andrea is leaving her droppings everywhere!

I will leave some droppings too and say fantastically fabulous, and the "recycled lint" one is nice too.

I come here looking for new treasure and am usually lucky. Then I can close up shop and get on with the day.

Good for you, John!

Trijnie said...

I like the negative/positive threatment.
Hope you are feeling better.
Spring is here, the worsest weather you can imagine.
Wind rain and cold, we expect snow for Easter.
I have to walk the dogg while Hans stays in the studio warm and cosey, pitty me.
Dear John I wish you and your family happy Easter. Hope the tulips will pop out of the earth soon.
hug Trijnie

Neda said...

Hope you're conquering that equinotoxic flu. I seem to be back from my extended hiatus. Spring has sprung and you've been quite a busy bee. Tuscanilicious creations:)

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Oh I can't beat Tuscanilicious creations. Well done Neda. I see a bottle of fine Tuscany wine at a picnic, blue check cloth on the grass. Maybe too much wine already for me:)

Thanks for the mention of the new Tuscany, I am hoping to redeem myself from having painted the first.Bump in the road!

John said...

Your first Tuscany painitng was excellent - no need to redeem anything, Lisa.

Hope everyone is well and finds peace - looks like Europe might be helping Tibet.

We have a restaurtant in Manhattan that seerves Tibetan food and it is wonderful. Free Tibet.

Rima said...

Love this one. It makes me think of summer days and smile.