Sunday, March 23, 2008


The better image is at recycled.lint. This is a paid political advertisement.

This weekend we watched "Across the Universe" - a movie musical based on Beatles songs and set in 1968 in NYC. It came out this past Spring or Summer. The DVD has grown on me - both for the more than adequate versions of Beatles songs(so hard to do given how ingrained the originals are), but also because it captured the era with tenderness and zeal.

I give it four and a half peace symbols. All you need is love.


Sweet Irene said...

Yes, the other image is definitely the better image, as a matter of fact, it is beautiful, and I am not sure what you are trying to convey with this image. The 'bunny' one. It goes above my head, as they say. You are making a statement I don't understand.

By the way, the photograph on my Easter post was not poached. It was made by Eduard.

Have a happy day after Easter. It is still a holiday here.

The Artful Eye said...

I agree with Irene much better image over at the lint trap. However, there is something about these purple blades that I still find interesting.

I have never heard of this musical. I like this stuff too. If you ever get a chance to see "Love" A Tribute to the Beatles at the Mirage in Las Vegas. It's a must see for Beatles fans.
A Cirque du Soleil production.

Peace, love and berries.

Trijnie said...

like a flower

Neda said...

My son brought the DVD home and made me watch it! I LOVED IT!! Even more so that we watched it together, no generation gap..