Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Gorgeous day - bright sun and Cardinals were singing. Not San Diego weather, it still is a zoo though, and I will take what kind southern winds offer me.

Crocuses on the lawn exploding. I love planting them - when I moved to NY the first winter was so cold and I remember the first crocus I saw and how I fell in love with it.

This is made from simple samples, and some screenshots - not sure if anyone can determine sources.....

All trees cut and pasted down for now.

Have a great day.


Trijnie said...

a lot of nature beauty, Also here in Holland first sign of Spring. It always make my heart light.
We already have a lot of little lambs in the meadow. They came very early this year.
Hans and I took very short walk together.
Today lot of showers, so I had to go on my own with the dog.
Sorry I have the award you offered in my pc. But not able to add it on my blog. There isn't enough room!? I'll keep trying.
Its great to see all the new work here.

The Artful Eye said...

Great piece, John. I like this one alot. Lots of texture, movement and depth. Can't make out the source, I'm sure usual suspects.

Glad you're seeing signs of spring!

Hope there were no crocuses in Times Square.

Sweet Irene said...

This wonderful, John. I enlarged it and was even more impressed, but can't determine the original sources. It isn't important at this point, this piece is yours!

I like the quilted effect of the blue and gold and that cottony looking stuff down below. What is that anyway? Nice composition, balanced just right.

I steal, you get back later something else. Thank you very much.

Kim said...

I can see foam rubber and mountains John...
glad to hear you are enjoying the first days of spring...
our autumn has arrived but the ac is still set to summer :)

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i gasped as this downloaded. beauteous colors, textures, the blue reminds me of a quilted bed cover. i would like it im sure. you are on a roll, boy oh boy.
must be spring fever.
i saw my first tulips yesterday.

~sue okieffe

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Eye spy with my little eye...yes I believe I recognise the plant matter and perhaps clouds. less sure about the clouds. I see kris's mountians too. Yosmite?

Kris Cahill said...

Hooray for Spring!

Love this one too John. I agree with Sue here, you sure are on a roll. The curving winding graceful lines here are terrific. And I love the colors.