Sunday, March 2, 2008


Sampled from marsh photo Sue provided. Sue's graceful pic of the week is in prior post - marsh awakening in Northern California - Digital Paradiso.

Blue areas made from sample of a Lisa photograph taken of a lake at what likely is sunset.

Simple treatment - water color like. Summery cold - a simplistic explanation of Spring.


The Artful Eye said...

Reminscent of stained glass. Lovely image. Dreamlike.

Hope you made it to the flower mart.


Sweet Irene said...

A simplistic explanation of Spring indeed, but not really so, is it, because to do less is to do more.

Wonderful moody blue edged by gold and pillars even bluer, very upright and straight and elegant. Purple peeking through, just enough of that, more would have been too much. Wispy like clouds on the blue, remnants of fog?

Very water color like.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i could look at this all day long, john. beautiful colors, dreamy, yumyumyum

~sue okieffe

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Wow, this is so different. I could see it on a corporate office wall. It's so crisp and I love the colour pallete. Sublte yet rich and luxurious (sp!)
Oh and yes definately sunset, I am geneticaly programmed to be asleep at sunrise. Except Christmas days and birthday's because the programming seems to be faulty for the younger memembers of this household:)

John said...

Thank you....I am in a blue period no?

Kim said...

ohh I have missed a few...:(
the end of the month is never good for me...thanks to THE list :0
esp.scape... and marsh.sound are all standouts for me....John...
sounds like spring is in the air over your way :)