Monday, March 10, 2008


No Paint, yet. Colder, again. Life goes on.

Spring forward, fall down.

Do they have daylight savings time in Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada.Dry. Britain, Texas?


Sweet Irene said...

Yes, we have it here in the Netherlands as well, but not until later this month.

I am frustrated for you for no paint! You must do something to remedy the situation and get rid of frustration immediately, both for you and me.

Shall I come and hold your hand?

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i know they have daylight savings time in oz and the uk. i could direct you to kaleidoscope making software if that would be of interest :-D
*chaste and platonic commiserative hug
~sue okieffe

Kim said...

we have daylight saving here in NSW ...OZ...
I don't like it as it fades the curtains :0
I do like the contrast in texture and the transitions of colour....

Bev said...

Yes, they have it in England. Always liked it when I was working as if they put the clocks forward it gave you an extra hour in bed. Not so good if vice versa.